Experienced Commercial Pressure Washing For Businesses In New Jersey

If you're looking for commercial pressure washing in the Point Pleasant area, we're the company for the job. Here at Strictly Clean Pressure Washing, we believe that professionalism, reliability, and effectiveness should be the main priorities in pressure washing for our clients.

We've heard around town that excellent commercial pressure washing isn't the easiest to scout out. So, we've put in the work to make sure we're the commercial pressure washing company that seeks to make your building look like it's brand new.

Whether you're looking for building washing or parking lot washing, we do it all. Our team of specialists inspects each site before making a final decision on the equipment to use for each project.

As a company that has been in business for 20 years, we know how important it is to find a commercial pressure washing company that values professionalism. That's why we take the time to:

  • Listen To Your Needs
  • Select The Package That Best Fits You
  • Set A Time For Your Commercial Pressure Washing Services Around Your Schedule
  • Deliver Exceptional Results

Point Pleasant, you deserve high-quality commercial pressure washing.

Don't settle for less than what you deserve. Hire our experts instead so you get the superior pressure washing service you've always wanted.

Building washing

Building Washing

Are your windows dirty and is there discoloration on the siding? Our soft washing services can rid your property of grime and dirt in a flash.

Parking lot cleaning

Parking Lot Cleaning

If there is gum, fecal matter, and trash all over the parking lot, you are in need of another clean. At Strictly Clean Pressure Washing, our technology eliminates the toughest of stains within seconds.

Storefront cleaning

Storefront Cleaning

Do potential customers seem to turn away and move on to the next store because of the appearance of yours? If so, our experts know how to handle the situation by using the latest techniques to clear germs from your storefront display.

dumpster cleaning

Dumpster Cleaning

Prevent the waste area of your Northfield property from getting dirtier than necessary with the aid of our dumpster pad cleaning service. Don't allow your dumpster pad to get overrun by bad smells and contaminants by removing them with our pressure washing equipment.


Hire A Professional Commercial Washer

Don't take a chance on a company that has little to no experience in commercial pressure washing. One wrong mistake can change the way your business runs. Instead of trying to handle it yourself to avoid extra costs, call the specialists at Strictly Clean Pressure Washing. We provide pressure washing in Point Pleasant, NJ. With years of experience in pressure washing for residential and commercial clients, we are confident your expectations will be met with our services.

Residential Pressure Washing

Stressing out with trying to keep your property spotless? Strictly Clean Pressure Washing pressure washing offers services for residential homes. We have different price packages available to fit your budgeting needs so you aren’t breaking the bank.

Residential Services

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