5 Signs Your Deck Is In Need Of A Pressure Wash

Most of us use our decks in the summer time when the weather is better and more suitable for outdoor entertainment. Since you only use your deck a few months out of the year, it may be hard to tell if your deck is in need of a deck cleaning.

Is Your Deck Losing Its Quality?

To make it easier on you, our specialists have compiled a list of the the top 5 signs that show your deck needs some love:

You see exposed splinters.
You may have noticed that your deck is no longer smooth as it once was. Instead, there may be bits of wood coming out of the side. You may have even gotten a splinter. If this is happening to your deck, it may be time for a pressure wash.

You smell mildew and rot.
Sometimes, you don't have be close to the deck to smell that something is awry. But, if you do get up close and you notice an off-putting smell in the wood of your deck, it may be time for a cleaning.

5 signs deck needs pressure washing

Residential Pressure Washing

Stressing out with trying to keep your property spotless? Strictly Clean Pressure Washing pressure washing offers services for residential homes. We have different price packages available to fit your budgeting needs so you aren’t breaking the bank.

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You keep getting sick after spending time outdoors on the deck.
Do you notice something weird after spending time on your deck? Do you sneeze often? Are you coughing, have a headache, or a runny nose? This sounds pretty obvious, but a lot of times, people don't connect the dots!

Start paying attention to when you get sick. If you get sick maybe once or twice after a large gathering, it may not be a big deal. However, if you notice you start hacking, sneezing, and feeling like you need to call out for work, then you may have a small problem with your deck.

You spot sun damage.
Have you noticed your deck looks lighter than what it once was? Is there discoloration throughout the wood or the material of the deck? If so, then it may be a sign of sun damage.

Sun damage can be subtle at first, but then grow as the deck gets older. To prevent further sun damage, it's wise to call a professional pressure washer right away.

Your deck lacks luster.
Does your deck look dirtier than usually? Are you comparing old photographs of your deck to the way it looks today? If so, you may be in need of a pressure washing overhaul. Contact us right away if you notice your deck looks like it lost its quality.

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